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Matthew Gibbons

A new twist for efficiency tests is turning off the detectors. Dennis Burkhalter passed over the 357.1 detector and it did not announce at all. He reduced to 30mph and called the dispatcher to get ahold of the comm center. When he got to Lakeview West there were 3 managers trucks there monitoring the radio and radaring him. Also radaring has been done by management at locations where radio bulletins are given for temporary speed restrictions. This occurred at Mile Creek a few weeks ago. Handbrakes left applied on moving trains will be the next point for nailing guys. Hunter had this in effect on the CN, when a train was stopped either at a detector or by a rollby and a handbrake was said to be the cause, whomever did the last rollby on the train, a train crews, carman, etc would be taken OOS for it.


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