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         I would like to thank all the people who voted on our contract proposal, which we all know by know did pass. Nobody is sure if we did the right thing, I hope so. This will be radically different than we are use to and most of us are afraid of change. As bad as it has been I can’t imagine it being much worse. Though much of the issues we are dealing with don’t have much to do with our contract. Managements total lack of concern for our safety and making up and enforcing stupid rules comes to mind. It is hard to believe how much these people want miserable working conditions. But hang in there and watch our for ourselves, God knows these people don’t care.
As a reminder we have in the members section we set up” FORUMS” for people to offer their opinions on various subjects. Yes, we do want to know who says what. This is a better way to express ideas than writing little unsigned notes on postings on the bulletin board. You can also start a topic on your own. This can be a valuable tool exchanging information and ideas. Check it out. If you need the members area password e-mail myself or Bother Vesely.
Thank You, David Koch


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