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         With deep regret we say goodbye to our fellow railroader Rob Hemling who died in a tragic accident on the morning of March 27. We haven’t heard the circumstances of the accident, but its something we fear can happen any day to anyone of us working this type of job. Rob was a very experienced railroader and good at what he did, which makes this  incident all the more shocking. Best wishes to his family and friends in this hard time. 
As a reminder we have in the members section we set up” FORUMS” for people to offer their opinions on various subjects. Yes, we do want to know who says what. This is a better way to express ideas than writing little unsigned notes on postings on the bulletin board. You can also start a topic on your own. This can be a valuable tool exchanging information and ideas. Check it out. If you need the members area password e-mail myself or Bother Vesely.
Thank You, David Koch


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